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  • Instructions for Regular Paper Preparation for Publishing in the K-CMP-UGM
  • It is anticipated that all authors' papers to be published in the Proceedings will be printed as received. Thus, in an effort to insure uniformity of papers submitted, it is requested that th following instructions be strictly adhered to in preparation of papers :
  • 1. Page size - 8 l/2 x ll inches, plain white (no letterheads, etc.)
  • 2. Page Limit - 8 pages total (including text, pictures, and figures) Sorry, no exceptions (i.e., only the first eight pages of manuscript containing more than eight pages will be printed).
  • 3. Page numbers - none
  • 4. Page margins - one (l) inch; top, bottom, right side and left side
  • 5. Type - Font size 11 or larger - one side of paper only - single space (or space-and-a-half when equations involving sub and superscripts are used) - double space between paragraphs - laser printer preferred
  • 6. Paper Format Title (capitalize and double space) Author(s) and affiliation(s) Abstract: not to exceed 200 words Text: Heading (all capital letters) Sub-headings, etc. Conclusion References Appendix (if required)
  • 7. Author's Information (continued)
  • 8. Figures and Tables - may be presented in text (preferred) or at the end of the paper - line drawings should be in ink and of the required size for direct printing (reductions will not be performed) - only photographs of good quality (i.e., good contrast) and direct printing size should be submitted - page margin limits listed above also apply to figures - all figure titles should appear on or below the figure
  • 9. Equation - should be numbered consecutively - should be centered on the page, if possible - equations numbers should be flush with the right hand margin